Municipal Reforms Cell, Directorate of Municipal Administration has won the Bronze Award for the project Aasthi (GIS based property tax information System) in National Awards for e-Governance 2011.

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Brief  Introduction of   Shiggaon TMC:-

 The Town Municipal Council (TMC) Shiggaon was constituted in 1975.  It is situated along  Pune- Bangalore National Highway No.4 at a distance of 450 Kms from Bangalore.  The Shiggaon fort  now comes under the archeological department. The Town has the famous Shree Kanakadasaru, Shishuvinahal Sharifaru and shree Gangebhavi  temple having jewellary which is said to be worth in crores.The Gotagodi Parks stands at just 4 Kms North-West of the Town. The new international airport is just 42 kms from the Town. It has a population of 28,207 as per census 2011. The TMC has 23 wards and equal number of councilors and 5 Numbers of Nominee Councilors.  Shiggaon  TMC stretches to an area of 2.04 Sq Kms. 

Solid Waste Management:  Solid Waste Management in 23 wards has been outsourced. It includes  street sweeping and waste transportation. Citizens has to encourage the Door to Door collection activities in the wards and  pay the  service charges as per the MSW-rules for door-to-door collections. If you have any complaints regarding  solid waste management please call our helpline No-.08378-255250/255703   Help us to keep your city clean and hygienic. -BY Chief Officer., TMC Shiggaon.

Street Light Management:  Street light Management has been outsourced. It includes  new street connection and repair. If you have any complaints regarding  solid waste management please call our helpline No-08378-255250/255703  -BY Chief Officer., TMC Shiggaon.

  • How to Reach
  • BY AIR- The nearest international airport from Shiggaon  is 356 km away in Bangalore, from where one can take flights for most of the important cities in India.
  • BY RAIL- Shiggaon nearest Haveri railway station is connected with most of the metros like Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai through regular trains.
  • BY ROAD- There is a good network of roads that connects Shiggaon to other important cities of the region.

K.M. P. Brief Introduction to Computing project

Digitization projects in a number of cell stewardship council paurasudharana sigganva boom Completed and some computing projects completed soon will be available for use by the general public. Already implemented most of the information on the Office Web site.

  • Official website: Siggaon municipality has its own website which will be available to the town as a whole. Transparency in the administration office of the imaging system developed at the wrong paurasudharana directory of the Web site sigganva this Web site maintained by the municipality. The staff as the council as elected representatives of the Information, Tender Information, Public Disclosure Act, Right to Information, solid waste material disposal, rain water harvesting system, the town's road, street lighting, drainage, etc., relating to statistics, the city's financial system in detail, gain or lose, This web site has many useful information sabhanadavaligalu is no longer available. All online applications developed and managed in collaboration with civil reform in the directory doreyuvantiddu this Web site, the site was visited by the citizens of the town to get the necessary information.
  • Birth - Death of documents on-line application:All born in the town since 1990 - Death computerized public records computerized birth - died in the documentation distributed. The old birth - death registrations Data Entry function computing boom of the document to be completed soon. The public quickly Birth - Death documents for getting help.
  • PGR On-line Application: The citizens of the town of daily necessities, such as street lighting, drinking water, cleaning, etc. In order to overcome the drawbacks of public grievances quickly established a relief center. This blemish relief center early in the morning every day from 8.00 pm until 8.00 in the works. Solution Center for Public Grievances Helpline: Call 08378-255703 to register a complaint and let us know the status of their complaint. Visited the Web site of the Office of the PG contains the same way. Nondayisabahudaga to the application via the online complaint (Complaint by Registering Through the Online Mode) or directly nondayisabahudaga shortcoming is the lack of compensation to the complainant visited the center. After receiving complaints, the lack of compensation for the defect center managers a "Unique Complaint Tracking Number" give. It lets citizens know the status of their complaint. The complaint of the relief phase of the status of each e - mail to the e - mail address Register to get.
  • Implementation of the geography of the property tax system:Implementation of the reform program of civic shiggaon municipal the most important project of geographical property tax system. In this regard has already completed been in town all assets sarvey, the Asset Detail (Form "C"), Data Entry, who Civic Improvement Expected filed soon Civic Improvement cell line will be done. Leading to the town's assets can be easily recievd property taxes detail to the public online, receive, and on-line shiggaon the town's citizens through the tax astiterige Payment paid soon Obtained its best.
  • Fund Based on the double Entry Accounting System Consolidation:  Municipal office of the Fund, based on the calculation method of deposition shiggaon computerized the online application has already been through the urban local body daily update of all the projects in the office of the accountants office of economic statistics income - expenditure adequate maintenance purposes. The online application can also be obtained through the Office of the annual performance management report in detail all financial activities of the office through the website will be available to the public on the Internet.
  • Other Online Applications: CMSMTDP, Asha Kirana, SJSY, SLB, MIB etc. are the major on-line application development padisalagiddu paurasudharana in collaboration with the Office of the cell is easy to handle and ಮಾಡಿಕೊಳ್ಳಲಾಗುತ್ತಿದೆ online applications based on the public interest sector.


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